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Spiritual Images of Angels, Deities, and Spirit Guides

     I have studied various world religions for years, even traveling to the lands in which these deities are revered. 

       I made these images to connect more deeply to their stories, with utmost respect for all.


                 Krishna-Peace                                         Mother Mary-Forgiveness

         Lady Sekhmet-Strength                                Blue Buddha-Earthly Truth



                       Sesha Naga             -Connecting to Earth-        Sesha Nogini

                   Sheiowa-Wisdom                                           Hanuman-Devotion

                     Shiva-Rebirth                                       Aditi-Infinite Possibilities


                     Krishna-Peace                                              Radha-Faith

                    Buddha-Serenity                                    Quan Yin-Compassion

                     Maat-Freedom                                      Buddha Maitreya-Love

                  Sehkmet-Strength                                           Isis-Harmony

              St Germaine-Liberation                      Archangel Michael-Heavenly Truth

            Archangel Gabriel-Clarity                                           Lord Malchitzedek-Balance

                     Divine Family                                                             Archangel Raphael-Grace

                        Selena-Joy                                                                                     Pele-Healing

                  Mary-Forgiveness                                        Jesus-Transformation

         Morgan La Fay-Power of Love                               Sheila Na Gig-Open to Receive

                 Mary Magdelan-Redemption                                                 Brighid-Inspiration








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